LIGHT Boston

Internationally juried design competition


One of 25 international applicants


Unrealized design proposal  


For as long as humans have existed, we have been looking towards the stars. Not only for their mystery and beauty but as guides. Guides for navigation, time, and prophecy. In a large city such as Boston, star gazing can be somewhat difficult. But using the Lechmere Viaduct as a canvas the stars can be brought down to the street level.


The installation is comprised of two features. Front and center is the random constellation installation on the two main facades of the viaduct, made up of stars and connecting lines. The stars, surface mounted LED node fixtures that color change, are connected by white lines, linear flexible pixel fixtures, that appear to chase and bounce from node to node. More subtly, within the viaduct, color changing LED wash fixtures and linear graze fixtures illuminate the cavity beneath the tracks. The color changing capabilities will allow the viaduct to have programmed effects based on season and events. Bringing these elements to the Lechmere Viaduct, will help the citizens of Boston better enjoy the infrastructure around them, connect with their fellow citizens, and get a chance to marvel at the magic of the stars.