MPS in Architectural Lighting Design, 2019, New York School of Interior Design

BFA in Theatrical Lighting Design, 2013, Michigan State University


Jessica Doyle's work with light began in the theatre, working on the lighting crew for high school productions. She continued crafting her skills as a lighting designer and technician through her undergraduate education, where she designed lighting for plays and musicals, took classes in foundational studio art, electronic art & new media, and worked as a technician on shows produced by the department of theatre each season. 


Guided by her passion for design, light, and collaboration, she moved to Chicago shortly after graduation to pursue freelance work in the city’s diverse and ample theatre community. Some of her favorite experiences included designing the lighting for many shows at a children’s theatre in Evanston, IL, assisting lighting designers on productions at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, and creating the lighting for an immersive theatrical experience at a historic home in Chicago’s Park District. 


After several years of continuing to hone her skills as a designer and as a professional in Chicago, she decided to expand her lighting design skills to include architecture. In 2018, she moved to New York City to pursue her master’s in architectural lighting. It was during this time that she learned so much more about light and its omnipresence in everyone’s daily lives. She was thrilled to transfer so much of what she learned about design and light from the theatre to a much more public and present realm. Throughout her one year program, she developed interest in public night time illumination, light art installation, residential lighting, and public policy. Jessica now works as a lighting designer for an architectural lighting design firm based out of the Midwest, where she helps people choose the best lighting treatments their homes. She gets the opportunity to work remotely so that she can live in Boise and explore the west.