• jessica

The Start of Something New

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

The first entry of a blog that explores my passion and curiosity for light and how it relates to art, the built environment, sociology, & public policy.

I'm so excited to be finally doing this...

I've been wanting to keep a kind of lighting journal for a while now. I want a space to analyze various lighting design solutions I notice, sketch interesting art installation ideas that come to mind, or document my thoughts about various research studies being produced about lighting. While this blog that is mostly for self-expression and self-organization, my hope is that maybe it transform into a public space for lighting expertise as I continue growing as an artist and designer in the lighting industry.

Rendering light

Ever since grad school, I've found doing lighting renderings such fun. The process of rendering light artistically has helped me, as a designer of lighting in the real, physical world, better understand how light actually affects objects and surfaces in a space. One kind of rendering I particularly enjoy is taking a photograph of an interior in the daytime, and digitally transforming it to nighttime.